Lowering My Expectations (aka 2017 Writing Goals)

Anyway, while using the restroom today (for some reason all of my best writing ideas come to me while I'm on the toilet; gross, I know) I suddenly realized that my therapist is right: I expect too much out of people. While this advice was referencing a completely unrelated issue, today I connected it to an issue I've been having with myself: writer's block.


5 Things You Shouldn’t Ask a Technical Writer

We don't need to know how to use a piece of software as long as we know how to use ant software well.

Yes, I read my horoscope.

And no, I don't fucking care what my horoscope says. Even when the Fates tell Hades that Hercules is going to die in the Disney version, Hercules survives and saves the girl. Why? Because we are all in control of our own reality. We may not feel like it, and some days we don't actually believe … Continue reading Yes, I read my horoscope.

Dishes and Dog Shit

Maybe I've decided upon a theme? "Shit and Stuff: A Practice in Weekly Alliteration". Does that sound good? haha! Well, moving on. There is - after all - a point to this blog post. Mostly, it's centered around my newfound roommate: my step, brother-in-law. There have been a few nuances to work around, like making … Continue reading Dishes and Dog Shit

Dear Jeff Bezos: Is a suicide attempt enough, or do you still need more data?

My diagnosed-PTSD obviously wasn't enough; my friend's reports of gender-based harassment and discrimination weren't enough; when will it all be enough?

Cat Shit and Rental Cars

Today we're moving back to Eastern Washington (again) and - let me tell you - it's been a hell of a ride so far. A few days ago, we decided to rent an SUV so that we could move some of our stuff in my father-in-law's truck, and other stuff in the SUV. It was … Continue reading Cat Shit and Rental Cars

Contributor @ Sacred and Subversive

"His beliefs, no matter how much I disagreed, sunk into my already body-shame-filled-mind, and I continued to ignore my attraction to girls."

Happy Birthday to Me

So, future Stephani ... are you still happy?

Brain Dump: Talking about Gratefulness

Every November, a handful of my Facebook friends do the daily gratefulness-post-thing. Instead of posting my own, I simply read through theirs and admire the wonderful things that are going on in the world for my friends and family. But this year, something is growing inside of me that is demanding to be shared. It's … Continue reading Brain Dump: Talking about Gratefulness

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