Overwatch Live Stream | IntentKitten | First Time Streaming

I’ve been really into playing Overwatch lately, and decided to try my hand at live streaming. Luckily, Blizzard and Facebook (article via Kotaku.com) worked together to make that super fricken easy to do! I was trying to figure out Twitch, and it looked super difficult. Also, I already have Facebook followers, so having to build another new audience almost demotivated me from trying at all. So, being the lazy person I am, I chose to just use the Facebook Live/Blizzard Live (what is called?) to stream.

The first video listed here is just one of a few I recorded, but it was the only that has pretty good quality gameplay.

This second video shows off my impressive Pharrah skills ;) Don’t you wish your girlfriend could fly like me?

This third, and final video, shows off the awesome community that Overwatch has. Not every game has to be serious. Sure, there was some strategy – because we’d still like to win – but it was also about having fun with characters we may or may not know how to use. I almost quit a couple times, but I really wanted to push the limits of my comfort and play in a way I wouldn’t try on my own.

I hope that you enjoy these videos! I think that streaming will become a more regular part of my weekend/weekday blogging experience. We’ll see how persistent I am haha! But, with how simple Blizzard has made it now, there’s really no reason for me to not keep going. I promise this isn’t paid – because if it were… I’d be doing it a lot more often: guaranteed. But, this new feature is SUPER handy, and SUPER lazy-person-friendly. Try it out if you play games on battle.net and have been wanting to try out streaming.

Wishing you peace, love, happiness;

PS – I know some people were worried that it would be difficult to share these videos on a platform that people “really care about” (I guess Facebook isn’t really the place for gamers). But it was super easy for me to download these videos and publish them on my YouTube channel. In fact, I had to go that route because Facebook wouldn’t let me embed the Facebook Page version via the Facebook widget-plugin-thingy (words … late … does not compute … brain .. shutting … down… must sleep).