(in progress) Website Re-design, post #3

Recap: Post #1 here.

Recap: Post #2 here.

Update: The layout of my wireframe changed quite a bit since the first post. I’m excited to say that I will be moving on to the Work wireframe next! (woot!)

Tools (previously unmentioned): Adobe Illustrator

Progress: post-4


(in progress) Website Re-design, post #2

Check it out! After 45 minutes of research and playing with the opacity, the chat bubble for my website is animated.


(in progress) Website Re-design, post #1


I’m redesigning my website, and I am pretty fricken excited to be doing so. I haven’t worked on the design since – I don’t know – 2013/2014? There’s finally some motivation, after my long fight with depression, to tackle this project. So far, starting with a wireframe seems to be a much better idea that how I’ve designed it in the past (i.e., starting with the HTML and CSS with little to no direction).

I’m super pumped to continue working on this project over the next few weeks. I hope the end result is just as awesome as I imagine it to be.

A little more info about the design you see above. It was inspired by a graphic cover letter I designed, mixed with the Battleborn beta website. On the Battleborn site, the social media icons are dull colored until you hover over them. I don’t want them present at all times, so the social media buttons until the chat button is hovered over.

This is just the first page of 6 total pages, and I plan to stick to a scientific theme throughout.

I plan to post my progress, but it’s hard to remember promises like that with my ADHD. Plus, when I do work on my website, I tend to work many hours into the night: much like I did tonight. I hyperfocus, and because I love designing like this, it’s hard to pull me away (R.I.P., sleep). If I do remember to post, I might be much further ahead than what is seen here. We shall see!

Alright, I’m tired. I will talk to you later!

(PS – though I am publishing this at 10:30am PST, this was written/scheduled for release at 1:30am. Please don’t do this to yourself. Sleep is love. Sleep is life. Don’t deny yourself sleep.)